Cape Malay Curry

The world is full of curries, spiced stews or similar dishes.  Come explore!

  • Cape Malay Curry – South African style chicken or beef and veggies slow cooked with cinnamon, cumin and apricots
  • Thai Coconut Curry – Tofu, chicken or shrimp cooked with bean sprouts, snow peas and coconut milk
  • White Chicken Korma – A pale Northern Indian curry with chicken and pistachios or cashews
  • Summer Watermelon Curry – Spicy Southern Indian sweet melon curry for hot summer days
  • Butter Chicken with Dal Nirvana – A British take on an Indian restaurant dish of yogurt-marinated chicken cooked with spinach, tomatoes and lentils
  • Peanut Stew – West African spiced and stewed sweet potatoes and peanuts